Barrio Logan Cultural District 

A vibrant artists' community with a high concentration of creative energy rooted in Chicano history.

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Historic • authentic • grassroots 

About the Barrio Logan Cultural District 

In 1970, a group of Chicano studies students took a stand to fight for park space in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego. Chicano Park was born, and today its 79 historic murals make it a National Historic Landmark and the heart of the Barrio Logan Cultural District. The park also serves as a venue for a multitude of community and arts and cultural events, including low-rider car shows, Azteca dance, and drumming groups.

Barrio Logan has taken a nod from its Chicano Park hub, with a rich cultural tradition that often reflects the same motifs of collaborative strength and battles for social justice. The surrounding area features a slew of artist collectives, galleries, eateries, and shops. A stretch just east of the park includes a variety of galleries, cafes, and breweries that showcase local art and collaborate to spearhead events such as the Barrio Art Crawl.

Barrio Logan is driven by a grassroots coalition of artists, community leaders, residents, and business owners who embody culture and are passionate about preserving it while staying relevant. For an authentic experience of Chicano culture, visit Barrio Logan.

District Region: San Diego County

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