Rotten City - Emeryville Cultural Arts District

An innovative district in the midst of a renaissance devoted to art and creative production.


Dedicated • Innovative • Catalyst 

About the Rotten City - Emeryville Cultural District

Emeryville represents a different type of district, devoted to art production and including a wide variety of modern art forms such as animation, digital/video mapping compositions, and light as a medium.

The Emeryville arts colony began when guerrilla art known as “mud flat art” began appearing on its shoreline. As the region transitioned from heavy industry to the modern economy, artists moved into available warehouses, the Bay’s eastern shoreline was restored, and the city underwent significant redevelopment. Partners such as Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, Wareham Development and Bullseye Glass help to grow, incubate, and fuse the arts district.

District Region: San Francisco Bay Area

A crimson bridge, cable cars, a sparkling bay, and streets lined with elegant Victorian homes—San Francisco is undeniably one of the world’s great cities. Located along the Northern California at the state’s distinctive bend in the coast, the region has an alluring magic that stretches beyond the bay to diverse cities with nightlife and world class cuisine.