Little Tokyo

A vital Los Angeles cultural community with more than 130 years of profound history.

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About Little Tokyo

In downtown Los Angeles, behind the bustling crowds and rows of restaurants, shops, museums, and religious spaces, is thriving community, home to artists, culture bearers, arts organizations and cultural activities for Japanese, Japanese-American, Asian Pacific and the larger African-American and Latino communities of Southern California.

Little Tokyo spans traditional and contemporary artistic cultural spaces, with everything from anime shops to Little Tokyo’s First Street North, home to the nation’s longest-running Asian American open mic series, and featured on the National Registry of Historic Places and as a National Historic Landmark. The expanse of the 150-acre district includes the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Japanese American National Museum, East West Players, Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple and The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art.


District Region: Los Angeles

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