The following links and resources have been compiled to aide local communities as they consider applying for state cultural district designation. 

Cultural Asset Inventory

A key resource for all potential applicants is the Cultural Asset Inventory Worksheet, provided by the California Arts Council as a required component of the finalist application. 

Glossary of Terms

The California Arts Council has provided a glossary of terms found throughout this website, application, and reference/research materials. The glossary also includes helpful links to outside resources.

Expected Benefits & Potential Local Challenges

Successful cultural districts offer many beneficial outcomes to the geographic area in which they are located and the surrounding community.  In a review of the evaluations conducted by four of the existing state programs, as well as in interviews conducted with thought leaders, some key challenges to implementing successful cultural districts programs emerged. See the links provided in the charts below.


Resources: Expected Benefits

Resources: Potential Local Challenges



Gentrification, displacement and loss of authenticity

Examples of communities actively working to preserve authenticity: Row House CDC , Rebuild Foundation , or Community Arts Stabilization Trust
Learning from organizations advocating for investment without displacement such as Public Advocates

Community engagement and support

Equitable Development

Equity and access