San Pedro Arts & Cultural District

An artist community juxtaposed with industry, against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

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Industrial • Gritty • Real

About the San Pedro Arts & Cultural District

The San Pedro Arts & Cultural District’s peninsula geography lends a small town atmosphere despite belonging to the nation’s second largest city. The historic core of downtown San Pedro has been renting to artists since 1944, with studios in storefronts and warehouses alike. Many commercial buildings also house studios, organizations and work/live options in the district.

The Angels Gate Cultural Center offers studios in former army barracks for more than 50 artists of all disciplines. Crafted, a permanent weekend market with handmade apparel, home decor and food goods, houses a plethora of artists with space and marketing to sell their artwork at the Port of Los Angeles. Vacant spaces remain open to new artists and organizations, providing more opportunities and promise to grow the district’s arts culture.

These nontraditional spaces offer regular arts events, with monthly art openings and classes in settings all over the district. For 20 years, the community has participated in a First Thursday ArtWalk, one of the first in the region. Thousands of local residents show up every First Thursday to celebrate the visual arts, socialize, and patronize participating restaurants.

District Region: Los Angeles

San Pedro is Los Angeles’ waterfront, transformed over the past several decades from a heavy industrial zone to a beautiful area with recreational, artistic, and historical opportunities. The waterfront is home to the Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Terminal, the finest of its type on the West Coast.